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Platform and Services

With over 15 years of experience, EnStream is the only company with direct access to mobile telecom information in Canada, covering over 90% of Canadians on all major mobile networks.

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Identity Verification

​Verify identity information held by trusted mobile operators, including name, address, date of birth, and contact number, providing

  • Detailed field-by-field match scores

  • Enhanced analytics for Summary and Confidence scores based on account type and status

Device Authentication

Reduce account takeover and fraud risks using mobile device information as a silent second factor for authentication. With real-time network-based information, Enstream


  • Verifies mobile number, device, and account status

  • Detects any changes to devices or SIM cards

  • Secures any existing 2FA processes, such as vulnerable SMS one-time-passcodes

  • Provides user authentication

Location Services

Authenticate real-time mobile device location without preloaded device software. Using network-based cell-site triangulation that works with any mobile device, EnStream provides a location match score to verify location on any supported network. It’s based on the same technology first responders use to determine mobile device locations in emergencies.  Simple, fast, reliable.

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Secure. Reliable. Privacy-protected.

EnStream’s identity verification services platform is hosted in a secure, private cloud that meets ISO 27001, SOC1, SOC2 and SSAE16 security requirements.  Mobile network and customer account information are never stale, with only a timestamp and transaction number being recorded. Information is accessed in real-time from participating mobile operators with end-user consent, and no personally identifiable information is held by EnStream any longer than is required to process a transaction. Our zero data retention policies ensure data quality, security, and privacy. EnStream does not support marketing programs such as Form Fill.

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