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About Us

"Trusted digital identities are the foundation of a modern digital economy. Mobile services provide connectivity, security and trust for digital identity verification and device authentication."

Our Mission

EnStream is dedicated to increasing online trust and convenience for consumers and businesses using real-life, verified identities and network information held by trusted mobile devices and networks.

About EnStream

EnStream is a joint venture of Canada's top mobile telecom companies—Bell Mobility, Rogers Communications, and TELUS Communications. We offer identity verification and authentication services for various applications.


Our services benefit banks, cryptocurrency companies, government agencies, insurance companies, gaming, healthcare and more. With the consent of the end-users, we provide timely and accurate verification of mobile subscriber identity and related account information. Our goal is to enhance user convenience and combat fraud.

Meet Our Team

EnStream’s executive and management team has deep and broad experience in telecom and information technology services for a wide range of services.

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Upinder Saini

President & CEO

As EnStream’s President and CEO, Upinder leads operations, steering the company towards its mission of delivering top-tier identity and fraud management solutions for enhanced digital trust. With 24 years at Rogers Communications Inc., he’s known for innovating products, cultivating partnerships, and introducing commercial models that consistently drive growth and yield market-leading results.

Yiping Yi

Chief Technology Officer

Oversees and leads the product roadmap, product development, quality assurance, enabling technologies, infrastructure, and architecture at EnStream.

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