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Market Applications

EnStream services are being used by a wide variety of public and private sector companies to enhance trust and build identity assurance.  These are just a few of the applications in service today.


Instant Account Opening

Anyone can pretend to be you online. Mobile subscriber information, including name, address, mobile number and date of birth, can be a valuable data source to verify customers based on customer information verified by mobile operators. Mobile information can also help verify contact information.

Identification and Verifi

AML and KYC requirements are often not met by Credit Bureaus or other technology solutions alone. Mobile operators help verify contact information. Along with mobile number verification, they can help validate that a customer is who they claim to be, helping to reduce identity fraud and account takeover.


Silent Authentication

Silent second-factor authentication can help organizations verify identity in seconds by verifying mobile numbers and device information and testing for account takeover. This provides an un-spoofable verification of mobile devices whilst also improving customer experience. EnStream's technology can also help organizations that have not yet evolved to silent authentication by verifying the mobile device prior to sending a sensitive one-time passcode. 


Fraud Detection

As valuable services go mobile, verification of mobile devices becomes increasingly important.  Mobile-enhanced authentication can help verify that a device is the same device that was used originally to enroll with a service by providing a unique subscriber token that can be verified each time the user accesses a service while flagging any service or device changes such as SIM-swap, device change, or mobile number change.


Location Verification

Eligibility to perform certain transactions such as lotteries, betting and voting may require users to be in a particular jurisdiction. Network-based mobile location services can verify any mobile device location in real-time without ANY preloaded software, opening up new channels for products and services where consumer location is an element for service eligibility. EnStream provides location match information to address service eligibility.

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