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Real Identity
No Guessing

- Authenticate and validate customers

- Increase trust and detect fraud

- Enhance customers' digital experience

Trusted and supported by Canada’s leading telecommunications companies

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Identity Verification

An independent and reliable data source for name, address, date of birth and contact number verification, based on up-to-date customer account information from mobile operators.

Device Authentication

Secure, real-time, network-based device authentication increases security and convenience, and helps protect against account take-over fraud.

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Location Services

Reliable mobile device location that can’t be spoofed and that requires no preloaded device software. Supported on any mobile device on any participating network.

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Verify Online Account Opening

Who are you, really? EnStream services improve online account opening using verified customer information from trusted sources. Verify up-to-date contact numbers without clumsy text messages.

Enhance Mobile Transaction Security

Your mobile network knows you like no one else! Secure using network and device information as a silent second factor for authentication for mobile applications. Secure existing two-factor authentication, and verify carrier network, mobile number, SIM card, account status, and device information to detect changes in real time.


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Mobile Device Location

Unlike GPS, you can’t spoof your network location. EnStream retrieves mobile locations based on the same cell-site triangulation technology used to support emergency 911 services. Simple, fast, and reliable. Limited availability. 


Stay ahead of fraud with proactive digital identity solutions

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