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Standardizing NFC Based Mobile Transactions

Providing innovative technology solutions on a global scale

Near Field Communication (NFC) is the wireless technology behind the future of mobile payments. It enables quick and secure exchange of the type of electronically stored credentials now found on credit cards, keys and ID cards - allowing this functionality to be stored on NFC enabled mobile devices. EnStream connects card and credential issuers with wireless carriers, allowing consumers to use virtually stored cards, to interact with merchant readers, for payments or identification validation.

EnStream, a Bell, TELUS and Rogers joint venture, is uniquely positioned to establish itself as Canada's leader in the NFC field, creating a "one stop" solution for credential issuers and service providers across all mobile devices.

EnStream facilitates NFC based mobile transactions through standardizing and simplifying interconnection. EnStream's Secure Element (SE) management application allows safe information exchange between the Canadian mobile marketplace (carriers) and all credential issuers, whether they be banks, libraries, transit commissions, loyalty companies, or others. In effect, EnStream's single point of contact allows credential issuers to secure "real estate" for their virtual cards on all NFC enabled Canadian mobile devices.

EnStream will continue to expand the m-commerce ecosystem by providing innovative NFC solutions that further integrate mobile devices into the lives of Canadians and leverage and grow the benefits of NFC technology worldwide.