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Market Applications

EnStream services are being used by a wide variety of public and private sector companies to streamline operations, enhance trust, and reduce identity theft and fraud.  These are just a few of the real-life applications in service today.

Instant Account Opening

Anyone can pretend to be you online. Mobile subscriber information, including name, address, mobile number and date of birth can be a valuable data source to verify customers based on real-life customer information verified by mobile operators when they initially signed up for service. Mobile information can also help verify and keep contact information up to date.

AML Compliance

Credit bureau data alone is increasingly insufficient to meet AML requirements for KYC (Know Your Customer). Mobile subscriber information is a legitimate independent and reliable data source for identity verification for AML compliance purposes. Along with mobile number verification, it can help validate that a customer is who they claim to be, helping to reduce identity fraud and account takeover.

Contact Number Verification

Organizations large and small struggle to maintain customer contact information up to date. Our service can determine whether a particular mobile number is valid and in-service, and provide updates if it is changed from time to time by a customer. It’s simpler and more convenient than SMS one-time codes, and can't be spoofed by SMS loggers or malware. Real number. Verified.

Fraud Detection

As increasingly more valuable services go mobile, verification of mobile devices becomes increasingly important.  Mobile-enhanced authentication can help verify a device is the same device that was used originally to enroll with a service by providing a unique subscriber token that can be verified each time the user accesses a service, while flagging any service or device changes such as SIM-swap, device change, or mobile number change.

Transportation & Logistics

Moving? Shipping a package? Not all transportation companies have sophisticated vehicle tracking solutions. Mobile location services can help track drivers and their loads at any time. Shipping consolidators can use the service to provide least cost routing and better customer service, without complex and expensive tracking systems. Location services available under limited circumstances.

Geo-restricted Service Verification

Eligibility to receive certain products or services such as lottery tickets or voting often requires users to be within a particular jurisdiction. Network-based mobile location services can verify any mobile device location in real-time without ANY preloaded software, opening up new channels for products and services where consumer location is an element for service eligibility. Location services available under limited circumstances.

Roadside Assistance

Your car is out of service and you are waiting for help. Mobile location services help roadside assistance companies pinpoint your exact location – without any preloaded software on your phone. Network-based location means dispatch centers and service vehicles find customers more quickly and easily, without relying on them for directions. Better, faster, cheaper service delivery. Location services available under limited circumstances.

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