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Canada becomes latest global market to enable Payfone's Trust Score identity analytics technology, protecting consumers against digital identity theft and bringing trust to online transactions

NEW YORK and TORONTO, April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- It's one of the most pressing challenges facing enterprises today: How can businesses be sure the consumer on the other end of a digital transaction is legitimate and that they are safeguarding consumers against digital identity theft as they transact online? Payfone, the world's leading digital identity authentication company, and EnStream, a joint venture of Canada's leading national mobile telecom companies, announced today their partnership to address this global challenge by offering advanced digital identity authentication that does not require consumers to sacrifice convenience for security.



Payfone's partnership with EnStream extends its best-in-class verification and authentication services, including Payfone's real-time Trust Score identity analytics technology, to Canadian companies enhanced by EnStream services covering over 90% of Canadians. The Trust Score, which is used by Payfone's Fortune 100 clients ranging from top banks to leading retailers and health insurance companies, analyzes digital signals from a wide array of trusted sources to provide the most complete snapshot of identity confidence on the market.


"Digital identity as we know it today serves no one but fraudsters. There's something wrong when it's easier for a hacker to get into an account than the legitimate user," said Rodger Desai, Chief Executive Officer of Payfone. "Through our partnership with EnStream, we're extending our global framework of digital identity as it should be—one that serves users with security and ease-of-use and facilitates trust between businesses and their users online—to the Canadian market."



  • Omni-channel: Functions across mobile app, mobile web, voice (call center), PCs and tablets to authenticate account openings, logins, text and chat sessions, and inbound and outbound call center calls

  • Decentralized: Multiple, differentiated sources to inform and verify identity

  • Works through consumers' mobile phones so there is no app needed and nothing to download

  • No consumer data is stored

  • Stronger identity confidence allows enterprises to extend more services and conveniences to consumers immediately without tenuring

  • Thwarts account takeover and impersonation attacks; Impervious to social engineering


"We are excited to help extend Payfone's world-class digital identity authentication network to Canadian companies using EnStream's mobile subscriber identity verification services," said Robert Blumenthal, Chief Identity Officer at EnStream. "Payfone's Trust Score is unlike other risk-based threat detection systems in that it delivers real-time information about mobile subscribers and their devices, providing reliable and definitive information to improve user experience while mitigating risk and fraud at the same time."


Payfone is on track to authenticate 19 billion transactions in 2018 as it continues its expansion into 35 global markets. The Payfone Trust Score is used by top financial, healthcare, retail, cryptocurrency, high-tech and insurance companies to deliver identity confidence to new user account openings, mobile and web logins, text and chat sessions, and inbound and outbound call center calls.


About Payfone 


Payfone is the leading digital identity authentication network for the connected world. Our real-time, passive identity authentication solutions enable consumers and the world's largest banks, insurers, brokerages and technology companies to thwart digital identity theft and transact with trust. Learn more at and


About EnStream


EnStream is a joint venture of Canada's leading mobile telecom companies – Bell Mobility, Rogers Communications and TELUS Communications – that provides identity verification and authentication services for 3rd party applications. Intended for banks, credit bureaus, insurance companies, government, utilities and many others, these services can help provide timely and accurate verification of mobile subscriber identity and related account and service information, with end-user consent, as a means to enhance user convenience and reduce identity theft and fraud. For more information, please visit


Press Contacts:


Yuka Yoneda


Janice Masotti


Payfone Sales Contact:


Michelle Wheeler 

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