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EnStream, the digital identity and device authentication joint venture of Canada'snational mobile network operators, and thirdstream, a leading fintech provider of in-branch and online consumer onboarding solutions supporting banks, trusts and credit unions, have partnered to advance thirdstream's digital platform capabilities.

"We're excited to leverage mobile network operator data, with customer consent, for identity verification and authentication purposes," said Keith Ginter, thirdstream's CEO.  The platform uses web services/APIs to integrate credit bureau and now telecom provider data, and meets FINTRAC guidelines for customer-not-present ID verification.  It is cost effective and auditable, allowing real time digital onboarding while removing the requirement for front line staff to collect other paper sources of identity.  "We see EnStream's data in our process as a key to simplifying and enhancing the KYC client experience," Ginter added.

Almis Ledas stated that "EnStream is proud to be supporting the thirdstream platform for new account openings and online lending.  By using EnStream's data, thirdstream makes onboarding of new accounts easier, fully compliant and more effective - helping their clients secure higher ID verification rates."  EnStream's access to data from Canada'snational mobile operators provides instantaneous, silent identity verification and fraud management solutions to secure transactions.  A mobile subscriber applying for an in-store or online service, or seeking to conclude a transaction, can permit their mobile network operator to verify their identity. This helps fintech companies and financial institutions meet their Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements and ensure their clients are who they say they are, avoiding fraudsters. 

EnStream welcomes thirdstream, and now serves over forty relying parties including four of the largest banks and credit unions in Canada, providing "friction free" digital identity and authentication services, to protect consumers and prevent fraud.

About EnStream
EnStream is a joint venture of Canada's leading mobile telecom companies – Bell Mobility, Rogers Communications and TELUS Communications – that provides identity verification and device authentication for 3rd party applications. Intended for banks, credit bureaus, insurance companies, government, utilities and many others, with end-user consent, these services can help provide timely and accurate verification of mobile subscriber identity and related account and service information, as a means to enhance user convenience and reduce identity theft and fraud. For more information, please visit

About thirdstream
thirdstream, headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, is a leading provider of in-branch and online onboarding and lending solutions for consumers and business transactions. Serving clients in every province from Quebec to British Columbia, thirdstream's onboarding experience solutions serve over 30 Canadian financial institutions, representing more than $330 billion in assets. thirdstream is continually evolving its product line. Clients pay a modest monthly fee for account opening solutions that offer ongoing and seamlessly delivered improvements.

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